by Ice Plants

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Recorded 2008-2012
Culled together in October 2012


released October 24, 2012

Cover photo by flickr user: urbanwoodchuck




Ice Plants Santa Ana, California

Ice Plants is really just Matthew McKinley, and he's sorry for misleading you. He used to make music as Dirigible, but it turns out that's an Argentinian funk band and things got confusing.

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Track Name: Keep I (As Is/Needs Work)
When you're on your own
Home is not a home
When you're by yourself
disregard your health
Track Name: Sebring
You stole the keys to your mother's Chrysler Sebring
And we took off like two vandals at the first sight of a gun
Hormones raging in our glands and parents just don't understand
As we mumble out our plans to live life on the run
We were seventeen years old and our love shone bright as gold
With the tops down to the cold our hearts basked in the glow
We thought we could live forever on cigarettes and cloudy weather
bags of off-brand fruity leather stashed in the back seat

Well we were young and we were dumb
But we were following the sun
And following was everything that served
To keep us on the run
And in our minds we realized
They were the best years of our lives
But if they were the best, they never coalesced

Now we're many miles away and honey I just have to say
That up until this very day I've never felt so free
Try to smile your reply but tears are forming in your eyes
As you let out with a sigh I love you too but see
The home we left 3 weeks ago is all the home I've ever known
And I still need time to grow before I go away
Too proud to agree with you, but I guess I felt it too
With our eyes on the rear view my foot fell on the brake

Well we were young and we were dumb
But with our backs turned to the sun
We're returning to everything that served to
Keep us on the run
And in our minds we realized
They were the best years of our lives
They may be the best
but first let's try the rest
Track Name: In Sleep
You had a secret number
I had a book of songs
I tried to guess your number
But I got it wrong
We're lying on the back porch
Looking up at the trees
You needed words to live by
So I gave you these

Every shining star is dying
Only dopes and hopeless hope
Life can lead you to the cave mouth
Leave you six feet short of rope
Everything that makes us human
Everything that makes us weep
Lies outside of our perception
In the warm confines of sleep

And now the night is over
The dawn coalesces
I get a cup of coffee
You start getting dressed
We share a quiet moment
Before the daily din
I haven't words to end it
So you just start in

Other fields are always greener
Not a one can choose their fate
Life will get you to the airport
Just as your flight leaves the gate
Every single dream we harbor
All the sacred joy we keep
Lies outside of our perception
In the warm confines of sleep
Track Name: Mistakes
Love, what have you done?
We can stay, or we can run
What is your choice? Is that your voice?
Soft and low, nowhere to go
And I know that it rained, on your dress
and on your parade
But my dear, please don't use that gun

Please put it down
There are cops coming 'round
And if they hear you say "I'm going to shoot",
Well they're going to shoot
So my love, please catch your breath
Which is all you have left
Save for me, god forbid, there is still me
Track Name: Inert
If you don't need me, why'd you feed me?
If you don't need me cut me loose
Track Name: Keep II (House Arrest)
The future came around today
We chased it away
Opportunity came knocking today
We sent it on its way

Don't believe what they say
We will get through this OK and anyway
Who are they to stay the course

The sun poked through the windows today
On the mess that we made
The grass poked through the sidewalk today
We got out the spray

Don't believe what they say
Who are they to know who we are anyway
We're OK you're OK we're OK
Track Name: Keep III (Good Bones)
I don't want to move
I'd rather stay close to you
But if you need me to
I'll go

I left
Seven Empty Bottles in an
empty house
I stopped
Paused in every door before I
just passed out

Please believe in
Part of me
I'm ashamed but
I can change

You let
all my best intentions get the
best of you
I'm still
recalling all the worst of what I
put you through

They will
tell you that acknowledging's a
basic step
I will
put you in a palace but I'm
not there yet

Please believe in
what I see
I'm a mess but
you're my queen
Track Name: Dogs and Cats are Friends
(Dogs and Cats are Friends) (sing it to yourself)
Track Name: Keep IV (Turn Key)
If you use your high beams
Pretty sure you'll find me
walking across the giant lawns
Out there every evening
Figuring, scheming
Try to make it not go wrong

Touch and go, take it slow
Dream of beach houses you'll never know
Lose or win, reign it in
Someday dream about this place again

Week is just surviving
Weekend for revising
Trying on different shades
All night wonder
Overs and unders
Find a place to spend my days

Worry-free property
Dream of real estate you'll never see
Peek-a-boo ocean view
Someday soon you'll get the life you're due