In Sleep

from by Ice Plants



You had a secret number
I had a book of songs
I tried to guess your number
But I got it wrong
We're lying on the back porch
Looking up at the trees
You needed words to live by
So I gave you these

Every shining star is dying
Only dopes and hopeless hope
Life can lead you to the cave mouth
Leave you six feet short of rope
Everything that makes us human
Everything that makes us weep
Lies outside of our perception
In the warm confines of sleep

And now the night is over
The dawn coalesces
I get a cup of coffee
You start getting dressed
We share a quiet moment
Before the daily din
I haven't words to end it
So you just start in

Other fields are always greener
Not a one can choose their fate
Life will get you to the airport
Just as your flight leaves the gate
Every single dream we harbor
All the sacred joy we keep
Lies outside of our perception
In the warm confines of sleep


from Keep, released October 24, 2012




Ice Plants Santa Ana, California

Ice Plants is really just Matthew McKinley, and he's sorry for misleading you. He used to make music as Dirigible, but it turns out that's an Argentinian funk band and things got confusing.

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