Keep IV (Turn Key)

from by Ice Plants



If you use your high beams
Pretty sure you'll find me
walking across the giant lawns
Out there every evening
Figuring, scheming
Try to make it not go wrong

Touch and go, take it slow
Dream of beach houses you'll never know
Lose or win, reign it in
Someday dream about this place again

Week is just surviving
Weekend for revising
Trying on different shades
All night wonder
Overs and unders
Find a place to spend my days

Worry-free property
Dream of real estate you'll never see
Peek-a-boo ocean view
Someday soon you'll get the life you're due


from Keep, released October 24, 2012




Ice Plants Santa Ana, California

Ice Plants is really just Matthew McKinley, and he's sorry for misleading you. He used to make music as Dirigible, but it turns out that's an Argentinian funk band and things got confusing.

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