from by Ice Plants



Love, what have you done?
We can stay, or we can run
What is your choice? Is that your voice?
Soft and low, nowhere to go
And I know that it rained, on your dress
and on your parade
But my dear, please don't use that gun

Please put it down
There are cops coming 'round
And if they hear you say "I'm going to shoot",
Well they're going to shoot
So my love, please catch your breath
Which is all you have left
Save for me, god forbid, there is still me


from Keep, released October 24, 2012




Ice Plants Santa Ana, California

Ice Plants is really just Matthew McKinley, and he's sorry for misleading you. He used to make music as Dirigible, but it turns out that's an Argentinian funk band and things got confusing.

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